Fuel prices fluctuate and with an occasional rise, only a few people now refuel their tanks only at a particular gas filling station. There is no dearth of such stations worldwide including the US and for the same reason; many private owners of such stations are opting to get out of this business in the coming years. In short, business is diminishing each year and with the razor-thin profit margins, clubbing stations with retail outlets is making sense to many private owners. Petroleum Wholesale is one such company with its headquarters in Texas that has wonderfully made the most of this newfound concept. Petroleum Wholesale Business not only has embraced the retail concept to lure customers on a regular basis for refilling their fuel tanks at its retail outlets but also has successfully helped customers to enjoy many amenities at a single place.

Innovative retail concept

In order to increase the revenue earned from filling stations, Petroleum Wholesale Business like many other privately owned motor fuel distributors across the world has successfully embraced the concept of clubbing filling stations with chic retail outlets. With many filling stations offering discounts, and a presence of a large number of such stations, competition is immense. It boils down to the matter of survival. Earlier, such stations sell fuel and lubricants of motor engines of vehicles. However, now they have multiple offerings like groceries, fast food, drinks, and auto parts to spin more money. People are also experiencing much ease in their life as now they can refill their fuel tanks and at the same time, can shop essential groceries before heading back to their home. This not only saves their time but also their energy that goes in driving to a nearby grocery shop to fulfill the same purpose.

Moreover, the concept has facilitated parents who drive a few miles every day to drop their kids to their schools and get no time to enjoy breakfast. They now grab a bite of their favorite burgers at such fuel filling stations after dropping their kids safely and meanwhile can also refill about to be empty fuel tanks conveniently. Long distance travelers or truck drivers get immense relief due to such innovative concept as now they have a safe place to rest after endless hours of driving. They can get rid of their fatigue or drowsiness by having a quick shower at such fuel filling stations before continuing the rest of the journey. Naturally, customers are turning more loyal towards such stations, and the concept is proving largely successful in generating revenues.

Petroleum Wholesale Business is also focusing on rehabilitation of abandoned or animals extensively, and this has garnered immense praise from several organizations fighting for animal rights as well as animal lovers. With such initiatives, more motor fuel distributors will follow its footsteps and will invest heavily in such innovative retail concepts to attract customers. The company also works with a large number of philanthropic organizations each year such as the Greater Houston Golf Charity, TWHS Highlander Home Run Club, and much more.