Do you want a job as a tax agent? Are you looking for a way to continue your professional education and further your career as an accountant, commercial lawyer, or financial manager? One way to advance in your chosen field is to become a licensed tax agent. In Australia, you have to meet certain educational requirements set forth by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) before you can register as a tax agent. One way to meet these requirements is to take a professional development course.

What Does the Course Teach?

The point of a tax agent course program is to give you all the education you need to register and practice as a tax professional. Some of the subjects covered are skills required of tax agents. You’ll learn to understand and explain the tax structure in simple terms. Another important aspect is understanding all the obligations of remaining compliant with relevant laws. Coursework may also cover the professional responsibilities of a tax agent and ethical requirements.

As a tax agent, you may be called upon to advise your clients of certain financial decisions and how those decisions will affect taxation. For example, you’ll learn how to advise clients on the tax related impacts of certain property transactions or commercial decisions. Working as a tax agent requires you to help clients in all tax-related matters, so it is vital that you have a complete understanding of the issues at hand. It’s also important to understand how to explain complex tax issues in a manner that is easy for your clients to understand.

Finding a Local School

You may be able to find tax education from a variety of different education institutions. When you are looking into different programs, there are a few things to consider. One of the first things you should look for is a program that is approved by the TPB. This is a guarantee that the course has all the necessary elements for you to feel confident practicing as a tax agent. Another thing to look for is if the classes can be taken individually. If you are already working in the profession and simply want to update your education or refresh your knowledge on certain subjects, it can be a great advantage to be able to take single classes. You should also be aware of how the courses are taught. There is a difference between hours of book work and completing hands-on exercises for practice. You want to find a program that teaches you practical skills that can immediately help in your professional career.

Working as a tax agent can be a very fulfilling career. Whether you are already a professional who wants some additional education or you are preparing to pass the TPB requirements to register as an agent, the right educational program can be very helpful. Be sure to find a school that is approved by the TPB, and that offers coursework covering all the areas of working as a tax agent and advising your clients.