Selling skills are vital for entrepreneurs whose businesses rely on ongoing and consistent purchases by customers. The ability of these businesspeople to develop and enhance business relationships with clients, persuade and influence them to buy the things they need from them and be able to generate business revenue from such sales is at the core of selling. Sales are a critical component of the marketing strategy of a business organization. Enhancing selling skills enables an entrepreneur to gain finances, attract investors, line-up distribution deals, and generate revenue from customers even at the initial stages of setting up a commercial venture.

According to George Bardwil , the proprietor of Bardwil Industries, many people believe that selling involves manipulating, pressuring along with coaxing and entrepreneurs are no exception. Most of them would associate these traits with automobile salespersons with no integrity. However, contrary to popular belief, this prominent textile owner says that it is possible for entrepreneurs to sell with integrity, sincerity and empathy.

Moreover, for any businessperson understanding and appreciating the sales process is essential in building long-term client relationships that is the cornerstone of any successful business.  In fact, it is because of the unique selling skills of Mr. Bardwil that this prominent textile company, which specialize in manufacture of high-quality textile products from American homes is a leading wholesaler to an number of reputed US retail companies apart from having its own online presence where a conducts most of its direct selling activities.


One of the most persuasive forms of promotional activities that a business enterprise can carry out is sales. Influencing potential customers to make purchases is the main objective of any sales activity. Generally, entrepreneurs accomplish this by taking a genuine and authentic interest in his/her clients, listening carefully to their needs and making honest product or services recommendations that best meet those needs.


Unlike other form of promotional activities that a business enterprise may undertake, sales are the most interactive component. In sales, entrepreneurs not only selling products and services to clients but they are listening to them and interpreting their non-verbal body language in direct face-to face situations. This allows such businesspeople to examine and analyze the impact of their sales activity, which is not possible by other promotional means that a business enterprise may adopt.


Direct sales activities allow entrepreneurs to take the opportunity to get instant feedback from their clients about their products. This enables them to carry out constant improvements in the quality of their products and services so that they can consolidate existing clients and attract new customers. In spite of the fact that harsh criticism are hard to hear for most people, listening to clients’ complaints and addressing products flaws is a step closer towards customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty

Sales play an essential role in maintaining and enhancing customer loyalty for entrepreneurs, which is vital for them to establish a strong foothold in a competitive market environment. Moreover, sales help entrepreneurs keep in contact with their clients and handle ongoing communication regarding clients’ needs.

George Bardwil admits that learning the intricacies of how to make a successful sale is the best investment any entrepreneur can make.