For running an online business or even to keep a blog floating, one may need images. Using copyright images may not be suitable and hence free images are needed for the same. But the moot question is ‘How do we find non-copyright images?’ The answer to it is provided by free stock images websites. These websites have a range of non-copyright pictures that can be borrowed from them and used on a website or a blog.

There are many such sites which provide images for hosting. In fact, some of them are very popular for this reason. Additionally, many new concepts can also be developed by using pictures from these sites. We take a look at some of the popular free stock images websites so that users can have some choice in hand for hosting their next picture.

  • io – It has a huge collection of high-resolution images and is also updated on a daily basis so that a relevant image can be easily searched on it and used accordingly. This site also keeps a track of a user’s download so that it makes the process a lot easier. All the pictures displayed on it enjoy a Creative Commons CC0 license so that any user can copy, change or share a picture as needed and as many times as one likes.
  • Dreamstime – This is another free stock images website that has a plethora of images. A user may have to create an account for accessing the pictures but then all images are free for use. The database of this site is also updated daily so that there is a vast collection anytime. It has more than 60 million images on it and any needed theme can be easily searched to find a relevant one for a purpose.
  • Pixabay – The best part of using this site for getting an image is that it is a completely free platform and a user need not sign up for accessing its images. It can be rightly said here that if there is any image that falls under the Creative Commons CC0 license, you can surely get hold of it on this site. What’s more, all the images displayed on it are high resolution so that viewing them can be a pleasurable experience for anyone.
  • Unsplash – Unsplash is also one of the highly-desired free stock pictures sites that have photos on it amply licensed by Creative Commons Zero. A user can also sign up for a free account on it and that has its own benefits as well. When a user signs up for a free account, customized messages can be expected to be delivered in the inbox and it is perhaps why many people like to have an account on it.
  • AllTheFreeStock – This free stock images website can be the most desired out of the lot because it features pictures, music, icons, and videos – all of them with the Creative Commons Zero license at one place. The catch in all of it is that a user does not have to register for using its services.

We have seen here some of the best free stock images websites that can be chosen for one’s need. Alternately, there are many others like them that can also be visited. But one thing is for sure and without any doubt that these websites have definitely helped in revolutionizing the internet for years to come so that they have become hugely popular.