Running a great event doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. There are ways to make sure your conference runs smoothly and efficiently, and provides the exact service you’ve intended without putting you through an exhausting and stressful preparation process. Whether you’re setting up a multi-day set of meetings or a networking event, there are plenty of simple ways to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Follow these steps to keep your conference on track all the way from the conceptual process to the big day.

  1. Find the perfect location.The location you choose can make or break your conference. A venue that doesn’t have the space you need, the amenities required, or the atmosphere you’re aiming to create could lead to a total flop of an event. Take a look at a variety of corporate venues melbourne and find a venue that fits into your budget without sacrificing the essential features you need from a conference space. Make a checklist in order of priority before you shop around so you know exactly what you want and which features are most important.
  2. Break down the budget.Having a budget is an obvious one, but it may be helpful to break your budget down into detailed categories so you know exactly where the allocated money will go. It makes sense to allocate more funds toward the top priority items from your checklist, and to ensure that all of the categories are flexible so you can make changes as things progress if the circumstances or plans change. Leave a margin of error in your budget for emergency expenses.
  3. Start well in advance.The more time you have to plan your conference, the more prepared you’ll be. Give yourself plenty of time in advance to make bookings, especially if you’re organising a large event with multiple vendors and complicated logistical arrangements. Book your location first and follow up with all of the major vendors so that you’ll have lots of time to manage problems if they arise.
  4. Find a great speaker. The best conferences are those that have an inspirational, interesting speaker taking the podium. Seek out speakers who have something to offer your guests. They should be informative, highly regarded in your industry, and eloquent enough to hold your guests’ attention for a reasonable span of time. Take care of your speaker after the booking arrangements have been made – make sure they have somewhere to stay and that all of their needs are met.
  5. Build a supportive team.A small conference may be manageable with a small team, but if you’re organising a large event you’re bound to need a strong support team around you to help make the conference a success. Choose co-workers or employees who are reliable, experienced in event management, and able to handle whatever task you throw their way. You’ll need a positive and enthusiastic team around you to produce a polished, perfect event.

Get extra help if necessary. Not every manager is skilled at event planning. If you want to hold a conference but don’t have the skills required to make it happen, you can always call in a professional business event planner to make sure everything runs smoothly. Experience is essential to get a great event off the ground.