With the current trends of people working remotely from home on the rise, it is expected that 50% of UK workforce will work remotely by the year 2020. Remote working is something that most of the employees tend to go for these days. Remote working when done right can benefit both companies and employees alike. With the advent of technology, this has been a popular concept in most of the organizations. Some of the most effective tips that you need to follow if you are planning to implement work from home for your employees are as follows-

Look for the best applicants across the globe

Since it’s an opportunity for working remotely, you can reach out to the best candidates across any part of the world. You do not have to restricted to one particular geographical area for recruiting the best team members for your business. Advertise the job opportunities nationally and internationally in order to select the best ones for your team.

Know what to ask

It is very important to plan a list of questions and assessment methods to evaluate the skills of a candidate. Plan out beforehand about the questions that you need to ask. The questions you plan to ask must be specific to the job role that you advertising for.

Go for varied interview methods

A variety of interview methods will help you to figure out whether the candidate is ideal to communicate even when they are working remotely. It will give you a clear idea about their skill sets along with their verbal and written abilities.

Always go for self-motivators

It is very important for you to take candidates who take the onus of the work they are supposed to do and complete it within the deadlines without any supervision. Self-motivators are well aware of their responsibilities and complete the work successfully without you supervising them at every stage.  Also, make the candidates go through practical tests during the selection process that would make it easy for you to evaluate their skills along with their self-confidence, creativity and time management skills.

Once you have a team ready to work remotely for your organization, you need to make use of tools like Google Hangout, Google Drive, Doodle and Pivotal Tracker to make work easier. The tools can store all the company data at a centralised place, lets you access to the employees sitting in any corner of the world seamlessly and manage the work without any hassle. Also, it is very important to provide the right guidelines to all your remote employees along with arranging the right training opportunities for them. EssentialSkillz elearning courses are really helpful in providing the right courses to remotely working employees (#ManageRemote) digitally for better business operations. You also need to opt for conference calls, video calls and other interactive sessions to let the employees know the team they are working with. In order to keep productivity levels high and ensure that everyone is contributing fairly to the team, it is important that you start following these practices for the betterment of your organization.